Peaches to Beaches

Monday, March 7, 2016

We had set a trap outside of our bedroom to try and catch whatever I’m hearing under the Master Bathroom. Brandon noticed that the food was gone from inside the trap but the trap didn’t go off.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

We didn’t catch anything in the trap today either.

When I got home from work, Brandon decided to let the ducks swim in the tub. It was so fun watching them. They were so happy. They are growing so fast, it’s crazy.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

When I was leaving, I tried to look where we had put the trap and I didn’t see the trap. So, I called Brandon and asked him where the trap was. He said that we caught a opossum and he didn’t have time this morning to deal with it so he stuck the trap under one of the bushes.

I beat Brandon home today. So, I went looking for the trap. This is what I found.


The kids and I kept making all kinds of sounds and it wouldn’t budge, but I could tell it was alive.

When Brandon got home, he took it down the driveway and let it go. He doesn’t think that this is the source to the sound under the bathroom.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

I saw a deer on 112 this morning and it’s not a spot that I’ve ever seen them before. That always throws me off when I see them where I haven’t before.

Deegan had an orthodontist appointment today which took a while. He has a permanent tooth coming in better so they added a bracket on that tooth today. I let them know that his birthday was next Friday so when they were done working on him, they got everyone’s attention and sang to him. He just loved me for that. LOL

My mom is spending the night tonight so I had to go get her after work.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Today is Peaches to Beaches which is a 200 mile long yard sale. We started the day waking up at 4:30am and left the house by 5:40am. We drove all the way to Perry and got there right before 8am. Overall, I think we did well today. It was a lot of fun as always. We had to take both of the kids since they were out of school today. They behaved well. Of course, we got them things today.

Deegan brought some of his money with him today in case he saw something he wanted. We came to one yard sale that had a huge picture of the Challenger team and another huge picture of the Discoverer. I looked at the price and the tag on the Challenger said $100 but we weren’t sure how much the Discoverer picture was. So, he asked the lady and it was her husband’s and he said that it was $100 for both pictures. Well that meant that if the guy split it, the Discoverer would be at least $50. Deegan had brought $40 so he asked me for $10 so he could get the picture. I told him no. I didn’t want him spending all of his money on one picture. He was quite upset about it and pouted. So, we left that yard sale and went across the street to another one. At this yard sale, Deegan found two telescopes and asked how much. The guy said $3 and Deegan was super excited. So, Deegan handed the guy a $20 and I asked Deegan how much change should he be getting back. Well, the guy didn’t have change for a $20 so I took the $20 and gave Deegan $10 and the guy $10. So, I asked Deegan again how much money should he be getting back. He said $8. I said, “OK, that sounds right” and laughed. Then, Deegan said $7. When we walked back to the truck, I told Deegan, “See, if you had spent all your money on that picture, you wouldn’t have been able to get these telescopes.”

Later down the road, Deegan discovered that he was given $8 back. I guess he confused the guy or the guy was just being nice. Dawson kept getting free stuff because she’s just so darn cute. We came across an HO scale CSX engine and caboose for $10. Deegan asked the lady if she would sell it to him for $10. I died laughing. She told him that she would sell it to him for $8. We knew he had 8 $1 bills, so I told him to give her all the ones. That train was given to her husband by someone that worked for CSX. When we walked away, again, I told Deegan, “See, you would have missed out on that train if you had bought that picture.” I also explained to him that if the price on something is $10, you don’t ask if they will sell it for $10, you ask if they’ll sell it for less than $10. It was funny. I’m trying to teach him how to bargain! LOL

Later down the road, Deegan discovered that he had 2 $1 bills in his wallet with his other cash. So, he had only given the lady $6 for the CSX train. He bought a box full of HO scale and N scale trains and layout accessories for $18. Overall, I think he had a good day.

Dawson got plenty of stuff as well as clothes. This was her showing Nana that she could fit in that dress. LOL


We ended the day of shopping at 6pm and headed home. I think the best buy was a Jenny Lind toddler bed at only $20!!! Those beds go for around $400. I can’t wait to fix it up and sell it!


I dropped mom off in Tifton around 8:30pm then headed home to Camilla. It was after 10pm when we got home. I was pooped!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

When we woke up, I started doing laundry. Brandon spent all day outside mowing the grass and weed eating and trimming bushes and trees.

Don’t mind the green pool, but he really cleaned up all the trees on the backside of the pool.


I decided to finish painting the hallway upstairs. Previously, I had painted all of the downstairs hallways then headed up the stairs but ran out of paint. So, I got some more a while back but haven’t had a moment to paint.

I ran out of paint again! And, I couldn’t reach one spot of the wall where the stairs are. We need to borrow a taller ladder and finish that up.













When I was grilling dinner, Brandon was outside with a flame thrower that he invented burning the grass on the sidewalk that has been buried since we bought the house.


Dawson found a bunch of tree frogs and Brandon helped her collect them all.


Sunday, March 13, 2016

I spent the entire day today deep cleaning the house getting it ready for Deegan’s birthday party coming up this Saturday. I made a few goodies for the party just so I would have that done and out of the way.

Brandon worked on the fireplace wall. The goal is to get it somewhat finished before the party. We want this wall to stand out around the fireplace so we are going to use the bead board we found months ago and trim out the fireplace. Also, we had gotten a huge round mirror from the farmhouse from a dresser we left behind because it was too far gone. We are going to use the round mirror above the fireplace.





The mirror doesn’t look so huge now. LOL This is all we got done today and I love it!


Here is the sidewalk that Brandon was flame throwing at last night.


He still has to shovel the dirt and dead grass off of it.

The house and property are really coming along and I love it more and more. Until next time!


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