Easter’s on its way…

Monday, February 22, 2016

When I got home, Brandon let me know that we had lost one of our original chickens. This makes the third one we have lost since we have moved.

We ate dinner in the living room so that we could watch a movie, The Martian. We weren’t able to finish it all because it’s a really long movie.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

While I was at work, I learned that there is bad weather in the forecast for tomorrow morning. School has been canceled for tomorrow so that means I won’t be going to work since I have the kids.

Tonight, we finished The Martian. It is a REALLY good movie! Deegan especially liked it because it had to do with space (his birthday theme this year)!

Before we went to bed, we got our flashlights and weather radio out in case we needed them for the storm. It started pouring down rain about 10:30ish and sounded horrible throughout the night. The weather radio went off several times really loudly. That was annoying.



Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Brandon set his alarm for 3:30am but when he woke up it still sounded horrible outside. So, he stayed home. We woke up around 8am and all was clear and beautiful outside. Brandon got ready and headed to work. My goal for today was to start decorating for Easter. Fun day! I started in the front entrance/hallway.

I have been wanting to hang some metal flower baskets on the wall on both sides of the front door and finally got to do that today.





I grabbed the cross-stitched Home Sweet Home sign from my Great Aunt’s trailer at the farm. I love it!






I added a shelf underneath for little knick knacks.






Then, I focused on the entry table in the front hallway.






The milk glass vase was a find from the farm. The picket fence basket was a yard sale item picked for 50 cents.






I brought the fern (on the right) in from the front porch and stuck it in an galvanized olive basket.


While I was decorating that table, the kids came in from outside and brought two bird eggs that had fallen out of a pine tree in the backyard. Brandon told me to wrap them up in a paper towel to keep them warm. We are going to try and hatch them.

Then, I moved to the living room and decorated a basket for the coffee table.


When Brandon got home, I thought I heard a noise so I met him in the kitchen and there he was with a Tractor Supply box. He bought us some ducks!


We got a galvanized tub from the farm and Brandon got it ready so that we could keep the ducks in that until they get bigger. I added a bowl of water for them to use as their “pond”.



Thursday, February 25, 2016

Nothing to report for today.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Brandon let me know this morning that he saw two deer off of Hwy 97. When I was headed to work, I came across three deer. I had to slam my breaks on so I wouldn’t hit them as they crossed the road and everything that was in my passenger seat fell into the floorboard.

Someone was selling an antique washstand for $50 on Facebook today. I asked Brandon if I could get it. I was thinking of using this as the vanity in the upstairs bathroom. I picked it up after I picked up Dawson from school.

Once I got Deegan, I took them to my in-laws’ house so that I could go help my brother, Nathan, move to his new temporary residence. Brandon was going to meet us out there since he was coming from Valdosta.

It took us until around 11pm to finish getting everything from his old house to his new place. We still had to go get the kids from the in-laws’ house then go home. I was just ready to climb into bed. Brandon was the one wanting to drive home. It takes an hour and a half from his parents’ house.

When we got to their house, we warmed up some pizza they had gotten for dinner. His mom asked if we were spending the night. I knew she wasn’t going to let us drive home that late! Brandon caved….and we spent the night.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

His dad cooked us some breakfast then we headed out of town. But first, we made a pit stop at Bob’s nursery in Tifton. $250 later, we had 5 1 gallon Leland Cypress trees, 2 3 gallon Leland Cypress trees, 4 Stuart Pecan trees, 1 Cape Fear Pecan tree, 2 blueberry bushes, and 3 blackberry bushes.

When we got home, we cleaned the pool then loaded up the trailer so we could start planting.

This is how our daughter, Dawson, rode on the trailer. She’s a dare devil.

2 3 gallon Leland Cypress trees planted in front of the fence.

The kids had to keep going back and forth to the house. This is how that happened.

The kids each got a free plant from Bob’s flowers and they planted them in the mailbox planter.


We want to line the drive way with pecan trees. So this is just a start and you can barely see them but here are all 6 pecan trees.

We planted the 5 1 gallon Leland Cypress trees where the easement used to go. We will be planting some grass seeds there as well.

We ended the day with planting the 4 rose bushes that Brandon had gotten me for Valentine’s Day. We will be putting in a tall white fence around the pool and I want to line the front of the fence with rose bushes.




(Again, you can barely see them.)


Sunday, February 28, 2016

I woke up and started cleaning the house and doing laundry. Brandon got the tractor out and went to the front field to stir the dirt.

While I was doing laundry, I decided to finally put some plates around the dining room. I also added all those small crocks with the plates and I love it!






Dawson loves riding the tractor!

This was when he was changing out the attachments. Dawson did NOT ride like this!

We are planting White, Red, and Yukon Gold Potatoes in the front field.

Deegan’s turn to ride the tractor!

The kids love helping plant!

We had enough left over that we planted some in the small garden in the backyard.

I don’t know if you watch Fixer Upper but when Joanna goes to Clint for some furniture, he pulls out a sketchbook and calls it the “Book of Jo” so she can draw it out and he won’t lose it. I thought that was a great idea and since we just moved to the house and haven’t really got to start a bunch of projects, this would be a great way to keepsake things or ideas we have about the house.

So, after I put the kids to bed, I got our sketchbook out, the “Book of Dow”, and put it in front of Brandon and asked him to draw the small garden in the back. I wasn’t sure if he would have time during the week to do some planting and I wanted to make sure that we are on the same page with the layout. 🙂


Monday, February 29, 2016

I decided to draw the garden in color.


Some lady was selling an old dresser on Facebook for $40 and right now, Brandon and I have my wicker furniture in our Master. We really need to get some new furniture for our room so I thought maybe this could be a starting piece.


Brandon told me to tell her that I could pick it up today and I was thinking that meant he would come up and get it for me. When I told him that, he thought I could fit it in my car.

Well, I picked up the kids then headed way out of the way to get the dresser and I could not get it to fit in my car. I have a sporty SUV so with all the curves, it just wouldn’t fit. So, Brandon is going to have to come to Tifton tomorrow to pick it up.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dawson’s dance class got their 2nd costume in to try on. It is super cute and I cannot wait until the recital gets here.

Don’t you just love her fake smile! 🙂

Brandon was able to come to Tifton to get the dresser while I was at dance.

After I put the kids to bed and Brandon was asleep, I was watching TV in the bedroom when I heard something. It sounded like something fell. I start practically beating Brandon to wake him up then we search all over and find nothing. So, we go to bed.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

When I got up this morning and went to the kitchen, I found my ivy from on top of my kitchen cabinets on the floor. So, I immediately think that this must have been the sound that I heard. I think nothing of it…..pick it up and put it on the counter and leave.

A bunch of us from work started Weight Watchers today at ABAC. I weighed more than I thought I would. Not good! I’m excited to start this journey!

Brandon stopped at a nursery in Thomasville and got what 3 gallon pots of Leland Cypress trees they had left.

When I got home from work, I started cooking dinner on the stove….in the oven. I get everyone’s plate made and we go to the living room to watch a movie, Fantastic Four. So, not far into the movie, we hear a loud crash like something fell again! So, I run to the kitchen and the kids run right behind me….Brandon is pausing the movie and when I walk into the kitchen, I see items from on top of my kitchen cabinets on the floor and Dawson is standing right next to them. I turn to tell Brandon that there has got to be something up there and when I turn back around to look at the items…..I see a SNAKE (#3) trying to crawl up the front of the stove with it’s tongue sticking out. I immediately yell at Dawson to move away and (bless her heart) I scared the crap out of her and she started screaming and running away. Brandon went and got his gloves while Deegan kept his eye on it. I went to grab a flashlight because it started crawling under the stove. Brandon yanked the stove away from the wall trying to get it and it crawled into the cabinets. So, I shone the flashlight on it so he could see it. I went and grabbed the fireplace tools for him to use to get the snake. He gets it and pulls it out and it’s an oak snake or grey rat snake. Either way, it was non-venomous.

Ok, at this point, I’m thinking…..

Where the heck was this thing while I was over here cooking?

Was it dangling down looking at me?

Was it crawling up the wall?

How the heck did this thing get inside the house???

So, Brandon takes it outside and kills it. Yes, I know it’s not a bad snake, but if you crawl into my house, you are a DEAD SNAKE!

I’m thinking at this point….maybe we should start a pet cemetery!!

We’ve lost 3 chickens, killed 2 rattlesnakes, killed 2 oak snakes, killed 1 rat, caught 3+ dead mice on sticky traps……

When he came in, we put everything back in place. I threw some moth balls into the fireplace. I think that’s where it came in from. I told him that we needed to do a house check before bed. So, it took some time, but we walked the whole house and didn’t find any more. That didn’t make me sleep any better at night!!! I stayed up as long as I could before my body was just ready to shut down.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

When Brandon left the house at 4:30am, I’m pretty sure I heard something coming from our Master Bathroom. So, I get up on my knees on our bed and I reach around the wall to turn the light switch on in the bathroom and I look at the floor beside the bed and get out of bed and go check out the bathroom. I couldn’t find anything but I sure as heck could not go back to sleep. So, I got my phone and played on it for a while. Then, my body shutdown again but minutes later my alarm went off so it was time to get ready for work.

I can’t help but look around EVERYWHERE now that there is a good possibility of other critters getting into the house.

I sent Brandon to buy some snake away and other items to help deter the snakes.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Last night, I heard sounds over and over coming from under the Master Bathroom. I’m pretty sure it’s a big rat under the house or in the walls. But, it kept me up pretty much all night.

I went to Valdosta with the kids and spent the night at my parents’ house. I kept the kids with me so that Brandon could snake proof the house.

He stopped by and bought some trim for the rooms upstairs. There used to be carpet up there and someone ripped it out and there is a huge gap all the way around all the rooms up there. You can clearly see into the attic.


He got Deegan’s room done tonight and started on Dawson’s room.

I fell asleep at 5:30pm….NO JOKE! I was tired! I’m glad that I had a place to sleep, worry free!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Mom and I did good yard saling. I had a bad headache and was ready to call it quits sooner than normal.

When we got home, I noticed that the neighbor finally put in a mailbox at the end of his drive. I told Brandon that and he said that he saw the mail lady come to ours, turn around, deliver his and then go on. So, that means that she is not delivering mail to the mailbox down the easement. YAY! She shouldn’t have to do that when he has a mailbox at his own residence that’s in another location.

Brandon was done with Dawson’s room and had started on the playroom. He was at a good stopping point so we headed to Albany to some nurseries there to get some more Leland Cypress trees that were cheaper.

When we were on our way to the first nursery, we stopped at a Tractor Supply on the way. Hoping to see what chicks or ducks they had. But, they were out. While we were there, we looked at getting something for Brandon to be able to water plants up front. We ended up leaving with a new Spot Sprayer.

We went to ABC Nursery and got 10 1 gallon Leland Cypress trees and 1 Pineapple Pear tree.


 Dawson picked some weeds while we were there. She asked me to take her picture when we were in the truck.


Then, we went to Mark’s Nursery where they had better prices. We got 4 1 gallon Leland Cypress trees, 4 3 gallon Leland Giants, and 1 Peach tree. $90

When we got back home, Brandon got out his new toy.


He rigged it onto the trailer.


This was our load for today.


We planted all the 3 gallon Leland Cypress trees that we had along the front of the property by the fence.





View from the front yard.


By the time we were done planting those, it was dark and the sun was setting so we were done today.


Sunday, March 6, 2016

I woke up and started cleaning the house and doing laundry. My hopes were to tackle cleaning the dining room. I know that it’s getting on Brandon’s nerves. Stuff that we’ve retrieved from the farm is in there as well as stuff for my booth.

I tagged a bunch of items to take to the booth tomorrow. Cleaned a LOT of items from the farm.

After lunch, we went outside to continue planting. We had set a trap the night before to try and catch what is under the Master Bathroom. When we checked it, the cheese was completely gone and the trap hadn’t gone off. Brandon tried to make it go off and it was broke. Just great! So now we are feeding the thing. LOL We need to get the trap fixed or use the bigger one and try and get it….now, especially since it thinks nothing will happen if it goes in.

We planted all the 1 gallon Leland Cypress trees down the side of the property line. I was being silly and using the pots as shoes. Dawson thought that was funny so she did the same thing and used one as a hat.



We planted two Crepe Myrtle trees on both sides of the driveway where the driveway bends. We had purchased those last year sometime before we moved but never planted them.

Then, we planted the Pineapple Pear, Peach, and Mulberry plants up at the front of the field. We will have a fruit orchard up there.


Then, we went to the back by the small garden and planted a Yoshini Cherry tree (it’s going to be so pretty)


and two Hydrangea bushes in what will be a quaint flower garden area next to the small garden.


Brandon and I have been needing to get the four bushes that are left in the front of the house out. So, we tackled that next. He got the tractor and tied a chain around the bush and yanked it. But, these were some strong bushes. He had to get his chainsaw to help him out.


Bush 1


When he took out the first bush, he found a small critter hole near the front porch.

When he took out the second bush, he found an even bigger critter hole under the third bush.


After all of that mess, he was done for the day. And, I don’t blame him! He did a lot this weekend!






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  1. I like your Book of Amanda! I’m getting you a box of crayons and color pencils for your house warming gift 😉 I would love to come see your house sometime, but I think I’ll wait until you get rid of all of them snakes. I would have had a heart attack if I found one trying to climb up my stove!

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