Unwanted Guests

Monday, January 4, 2016

Brandon took a personal day off of work today, however I had to return to work this morning. He spent a good amount of the day outside mowing the yard. He did get the blinds hung in the billiard room.


We took off the two doors going into this room. It gives us so much more room in there plus with the darker color of paint, it helps to not make it feel so closed in.


Here is another view of the room. I plan on putting all of our bar glasses on that display.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Today, we had orientation where I work. So, work was super busy. I ended up with a really bad headache and had to ask if I could leave so that I could go home and take some medicine and lay down.

Brandon and I arrived home at the same time. I came inside and tried to get some Aleve but it was empty so the only thing left was some PM medicine. So, I took some of that and laid down. Within 15 minutes (6PM), I was out. Brandon did really good and left me alone.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I ended up sleeping until 5AM. I felt so much better when waking up. I noticed that Brandon washed the dishes, made dinner, and cleaned the house a little bit. Maybe I should come home and sleep more often. LOL He also got the deer cam and looked at pics so I’m interested to hear if we got any pictures of any animals.

The kids had to go back to school today.

When I got home, Brandon pulled up some pictures from the deer cam.

He thinks that this may be a bobcat. I took a picture of a picture from the computer screen so these pictures aren’t as clear as they are to us. But, it looks like a bushy tail.


Clearly, this is a small deer.


He thinks that this might be a raccoon.


To me, this looks like a dinosaur. How many of you agree with me? LOL He thinks this may be a fox because it looks like a bushy tail with a black tip.


Another small deer.


The deer cam is situated on our driveway close to our house.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Nothing to report today.

Friday, January 8, 2016

When we got home, we started tearing down the sheetrock in the eat-in kitchen area. After pulling the sheetrock off of part of the wall, Brandon peeled back some insulation and found live wasps and lady bugs in the far corner of the room. He slowly put it back and asked me to get bug spray.


Pretty darn gross, huh?? So, with bug spray in Brandon’s hand and a fly swatter in mine, we were ready for attack. So, he peeled back the insulation and started spraying away. Only a couple came flying out which I was able to kill.

So, we moved on. He started pulling the sheetrock off over the fireplace and pulled the insulation out and he made a sound like “uh oh” and I asked what? He said “There’s a snake in the wall but I don’t know what kind. Give me your phone.” So, I gave him my phone and he snapped this picture.


This gave me chills. Just great! A live snake in our walls. This must have been where the snake skin behind the dishwasher came from. So, Brandon grabbed the snake with both hands. It tried to get away but Brandon wasn’t going to let go. We had not yet removed the sheetrock to the left of this so with one hand, Brandon was punching the wall and the other hand he was holding the snake. I know that I was getting on his nerves because I kept asking how I could help him. There were times he went to punch the sheetrock and there was beadboard behind it. So, I know that had to hurt. Here is the path of destruction.


For 40 long minutes, Brandon wrangled with the snake. The snake had gotten between the old wood siding and the vinyl siding but we were able to get his head out by using the crow bar.



He was not a happy camper when he came out. His mouth was spread wide ready to bite.

Here is my totally awesome hubby with an oak snake (almost as long as him) after his 40 minute fight. This snake is still alive at this point.


He took it outside and killed it. Let me tell you…it’s going to be hard to sleep tonight!


Ok, so you think the rest went smoothly? Yeah……..nope, it didn’t. The next thing we found when removing insulation above the fireplace were TONS of carpenter ants. They were everywhere. You can’t really tell in this picture but if you look at the insulation you can see black dots everywhere. That’s them.


Then, we found termite damage. The house had termites when we purchased it but they were taken care of. We plan on taking care of these 2x4s.


THEN…………yes…..we found more! We discovered that the fireplace has pulled away from the chimney and there is a huge gap. Whenever there have been fires in the fireplace, the smoke has come up behind it and got soot everywhere even in the insulation in the walls and the heat from the fires has melted the stain off of the mantel.

Top view of gap


Side view of gap


Melted stain on mantel


Underneath of fireplace mantel


Fireplace wall done and rid of critters!


At this point, Brandon was starting to regret doing this, but in my opinion, these were all good things to know and take care of! Now we know what’s behind there and what’s now NOT behind there. 🙂 We Great Stuffed all the gaps and started hanging insulation.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

We started on the bay window wall when we woke up. This wall had the most bead board on it.


This is to the left of the bay window. You can see an outline in the beadboard where a window used to go. To the left of that, you can see a box (silver). There used to be a chimney outside right here and we assume this is where a stove went and had a pipe to the chimney.


This is to the right of the bay window. You can see a cut out where a window used to be.


Here is the wall after all the sheetrock and beadboard was removed.




Here’s all the beadboard.



We got a majority of the insulation installed by 7pm. We left and drove to Thomasville (40 minutes away) to go to Lowe’s and pick up some beadboard and some more Great Stuff. Then, we went grocery shopping so we made it back home around 10:45ish. We didn’t want to waste time tomorrow shopping.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

We woke up and started finishing up the insulation. My brother, Nathan, called and asked what we were doing. I told him that we would be working on the house but if he wanted to come over, he was more than welcome. While Brandon was working in the kitchen, I decided to get rid of a few boxes that had yet to be unpacked. I put all of our bar glasses up on the shelves.


Nathan, Miranda, and Eli ended up showing up. The kids enjoyed spending time with each other. It was nice to spend some time together showing them what all we have done so far and what we plan on doing. They stayed for hours and we just started on the beadboard when they left. We started getting into the rhythm. While Brandon was outside cutting a piece to fit, I would be picking out which board to use next. It made it go a lot faster. It took us until around 9pm but we got the bay window wall finished as high up as we could go with what old beadboard we had.




This is the fireplace wall.


Monday, January 11, 2016

When we got home from work, we installed the new beadboard above the old beadboard, but in the other direction.


We then added a 1×6 board across the seam. The plan is to put a shelf all the way across that board. I would like to start a Coca Cola collection and this is where I would like to display it.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016

I did not make it to work today. Dawson decided to wake me up around 4:30AM throwing up. It went on for hours until around 8:30AM. I was so tired. We ended up sleeping almost through noon time. When I got up, I started getting rid of the boxes that hadn’t been unpacked yet and moving things around that we had put in the front hallway. Then, I went upstairs to clean Dawson’s bedroom. While I was in her room, I heard a big truck coming down the driveway. I stopped and looked out the window and noticed that they were bringing an excavator to start clearing the land for an easement for the guy that owns the land behind us. When they dropped it off, then there were some guys that started clearing. Throughout the day, I took some pictures. It kind of felt like I was back at our old address when they were wiping out the woods beside us to build those tiny houses, however they aren’t building anything just cutting a driveway through there.

They started at the back corner.






They stood around our propane tank for a good while then I noticed one of them on the phone. Brandon and I realized that the tank was either on the line or not on our side of the line.

When Brandon got home, he went and talked to them and they said that it was on the line. Brandon called the gas company to see if they could move it onto our side. If they can’t or if it cost too much, we will just move it ourselves.

This is a big pine tree that they took out that was close to our propane tank.



Wednesday, January 13, 2016

When Brandon got home, he sheetrocked the fireplace wall.



Brandon’s hip has been bothering him for weeks and it’s progressively getting worse. He has an appointment tomorrow to get it checked out. Please say some prayers that it’s nothing major. We don’t need him out of commission. Dawson’s birthday party is Saturday and we have a house to put back together. 🙂


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