Let’s Rewind…

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The kids found Dillon behind a boy making a Snowman. It looks like he wanted to help him.


Wednesday, December 23, 2015

On my way to work this morning, I came over a hill and saw this.


Actually, I didn’t even see the headlights of the truck because he hadn’t turned yet. This is a log truck pulling out into the road right over a hill (both ways) and it was dark AND it was foggy. There were no signs saying “log trucks entering road” or anything like that. This could have seriously killed someone. He couldn’t make the turn and we were stopped for several minutes while he was trying to get out into the road. I was praying that no one would come flying over the hill and hit me.

When we got home, the kids found Dillon hiding in a basket on the wall in the kitchen.



Thursday, December 24, 2015

Today, Brandon’s parents and brother are coming over to celebrate Christmas. So, we woke up and got to tidying the house up a bit and started the food. The other day when I went to Hobby Lobby, I had gotten some big Jingle Bells. I wanted to add them to a wreath for the front door. Apparently, I took a Before picture of the wreath but didn’t take an After so there’s no point in sharing that with you. 🙂

The kids found Dillon right away. He was hiding in an oil lamp chimney.



I had bought a couple packages of Nestle Morsels and decided to make fudge with one of them. This was the first time I made homemade fudge and it was DELICIOUS!


Brandon was making the ham. We use a recipe from Southern Living at Home and it is to die for.


Dawson and I made cookies for Santa.


The Dows came over around 3. We opened presents first then ate.



They stayed over until around 8. While Brandon and I were cleaning up the kitchen, Dawson must have been really tired because I came into the living room and found her like this.


The kids seemed pretty tired after having company which was great. So, I put them to bed. They were so excited to see what Santa would bring them tomorrow.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas!

The kids woke us up around 7:30AM. Dawson was shouting “Santa came!!!”





They loved everything!

Deegan’s favorite present was a lego Space Shuttle.


Dawson’s favorite present was a long Elsa dress.


The kids took all their presents upstairs to the playroom and played until we were ready to head to my parents house.

Brandon and I exchanged presents while they played. I have to say that Brandon did a good job. He got me decor for the house AND he got me Adele’s new CD – 25 which is totally awesome!

He got me two rooster pictures.


He got me a Kitchen sign.


He got me a new Bread Box. It’s enamel and looks old school.


He got me an enamel soap bowl, a wooden laundry box for loose change and fun things I find in pockets while doing laundry and some wire baskets.


Probably my favorite thing he got is a set of pillows.


We had plenty of leftovers to take with us to my parents. We left around 1 and arrived around 3. Jeremiah and his family had plans with his wife’s family so they weren’t able to attend. Nathan, Miranda, and Eli were there. We ate first then opened presents.

Dawson would hold her presents like this when I wanted to take her pictures. LOL



A couple of my favorite things that I got today from my parents are a pewter tray and some baskets.



We play Dirty Santa every year at my parents for the older ones. I’ll admit, my family is a bit competitive so it makes for an interesting game each year. Normally, it seems that after the game, we will end up exchanging presents with each other that we would rather have had. Nathan and I traded our gifts. I gave him a flashlight and two ammo containers and I ended up with a glass hurricane that is bigger than the one that I got for my birthday but it matches so it’s perfect to go on the same table as them. Brandon ended up with some bullets and targets. We headed home around 8.

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Our friends from Tennessee (that we visited back in October) were down so they came to visit us today. Brandon gave them the wrong address so they were later than expected. He’s not allowed to give our address out anymore. That’s the second time that he’s given out the wrong address. LOL They stayed for a while but eventually they had to leave to head back home to Tennessee.

After they left, I started taking down Christmas and packing it up. I was able to get everything taken down from downstairs.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

I finished packing up Christmas this morning. I saw three cardinals when I was in the kitchen this morning.


Then, we went outside and started the burn pile out front and did a little bit of yard work.

When Brandon went to start the burn pile, he found this. We chose not to kill it in hopes that it was kill rodents for us.


We have a pine tree in the front yard that needs some of the branches cut down. For now, we cut what we could and cleaned up around it.





We were able to burn a lot of the branches that had been laying in this area. Then, Brandon was able to bush hog more trees in front of the big oak tree. It’s progess….we are getting there.


Later today, I decided to go ahead and paint the dining room.













Monday, December 28, 2015

Brandon has to work this week so he was at work today. I decided to paint our Master Bedroom today. It’s hard to really tell the difference in the pictures I took but here they are. I painted the baseboards white and the trim around the doors white. I did not want to add another layer of paint onto the doors. I would like to strip them down and stain them. I really wish that whoever painted the wood trim and doors in this house would have not done that. I would have preferred everything to be wood. Brandon and I discussed changing all the trim back to wood.




I chose an off white color.


When Brandon got home, he caulked all the trim. So, now I need to do another coat of white on the trim. It looks so much better.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Today, the kids went with Brandon so he could take them to my parents’ house. I have to go into work today so we won’t be behind when we go back next week. While I’m in Tifton, I will be helping Marianne take down Christmas decorations at the house I helped her put it up at.

Work wasn’t so bad. We didn’t get a whole lot of stuff. So that was nice.

I didn’t get to do anything at home today. But before we went to bed, Brandon and I moved everything in the living room to the center of the room and prepped the walls. The plan is to paint it tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Since the living room is such a dark color and I’m going to a very light color, we bought some Kilz to do first.



After – First coat of Kilz



After – Second coat of Kilz


After – First coat of paint


After – finished!



Before of baseboards


After of baseboards


When Brandon got home, he fixed all the trim that needed nailing to the wall and caulked the gaps. So this room looks spectacular now!

Some decorations that I just love.


On one of my many breaks, the kids and I went outside by the pool. When I opened the back door, I found this on the screen door. Looks like this poor little fellow got caught and apparently died.


Thursday, December 31, 2015

The kids and I went to Albany today to visit Kristi and her mom at their flower shop. Kristi had called me yesterday and told me that she had a 9 ft tall Christmas tree for sale and it would be perfect for my house. So, of course I had to go take a look at it. I’m glad that I did. She ended up giving me a bunch of ornaments and fillers. So, I’m excited to see what our house will look like next year. I have lots of new goodies to play with. It was off and on raining today. When we left to head back home, it was pouring down rain really bad.

Brandon called me and told me that they were shutting down at work at 12PM. So, that was nice to hear. He would be home sooner than expected.

When he got home, we put all the Christmas decor in the upper attic. That took hours to get up there after having to prep everything to go up.

After relaxing for just a few, Brandon and I started making different finger foods. We were going to stay up watching movies with the kids.

This is Dawson preparing to make cupcakes with some baking utensils she got for Christmas. Can you tell she loves her Elsa dress? She’s been wearing it everyday since Christmas. LOL



This is our food spread for New Years Eve.


Dawson was the first to fall asleep. Brandon was the second which was expected. He had been up since 3:30AM. I woke him up about 20 minutes til midnight.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Today, I am going to paint the Billiard Room while Brandon is removing the window trim in that room as well as the living room. He needs to insulate around the windows and then redo the trim. I just went a little bit darker on the green.





Before – window


When Brandon pulled off the trim, he found these in the walls.

Old window mechanisms.



After – window

We cleaned the trim. I LOVE it!


When he pulled the trim off of the living room window, he found some writing on one of the boards. It was signed

R E McDonald Residence

Below you will see – R E


Below you will see – McDonald


Below you will see – Residence


I had done a little bit of research a while ago when we got the house but I haven’t done any since. But, I did retrieve an article from a newspaper from May 1938 which links R E McDonald to our house. The address is one of the many that the house had while in Thomasville. This is not our current address!


Saturday, January 2, 2016

Today, Brandon and I started removing everything from the kitchen cabinets and walls and prepping the walls. I am going to be painting the kitchen yellow. I have a LOT of stuff in there. It took a bit of time to get everything out of the way and ready to paint the walls.

Kenny and Kristi and Shane were going to stop by so I was trying to get at least one coat around the trim of the room. It was way past lunch and I was shaking really bad and needed to eat. I stepped down off of the ladder and moved the ladder just a little and the paint can dropped and paint got all over the floor.


That was so not fun to clean up especially on the verge of passing out from not eating. Brandon did good and didn’t yell at me. He jumped up and started helping me clean it up.

It took all day long to get the kitchen done but here it is. I’m in love! I think that the yellow color really makes the wood pop now.








I haven’t painted one of the walls because …….well, you will read below.


While Kenny and Kristi were over, Brandon was fixing the trim around the fireplace and fixing certain things with the fireplace and he found beadboard behind the sheetrock!!!


After they left and I finished, we took more sheetrock down to see more of the beadboard.


He stuck my phone down the left side of the inside of the wall and this is what he found.


They were soon dead after I got some bug spray. We decided that we will be removing the sheetrock from the fireplace wall and the bay window wall in the eat-in kitchen area to expose the old beadboard wall. However, we will be removing it and installing insulation then reattaching it. We thought that the other wall had it too but it doesn’t so I need to paint one more wall yellow.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

We went to Thomasville today to get a few more things. When we got back, Brandon worked on putting the trim back on the living room window and Billiard room window.

Before Brandon reattached the trim that had been signed, we signed it.


Before – Living Room window


After – Living Room window with added detail trim


After – Living Room window with paint


After – Living Room window with paint and blinds


Before – Billiard Room window with trim back on


After – Billiard Room window with detail trim added


After – Billiard Room window with detail trim stained


I am definitely pooped. I had been waking up around 8 everyday and going to bed anywhere form 10PM to 12AM. I do NOT look foward to going back to work tomorrow. 😦


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