It’s Go-Time!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The kids didn’t find Dillon before we left for the day.

When on our way home after ballet class, I heard a loud pop from the back seat and I asked what happened. Deegan immediately said that Dawson broke the strap on her ballet shoe because she was pulling on it.


Just lovely! Good thing that my sister-in-law, Miranda, can fix this!! 🙂

When I got home, I had a package waiting on me from Pottery Barn. I ordered another bedding set for Deegan’s room so both of his beds will match.

Before the kids went to bed, Dawson went looking for Dillon and finally found him in our tree.



Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The kids found Dillon this morning fairly easily, he was in Brandon’s toolbox.



When I got home, I decided to order Deegan some new sheets for both of his beds so that they will match as well. I had two $10 off JcPenney coupons that I needed to use.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

The kids couldn’t find Dillon this morning, but after we got home, they went looking for him. They found him hanging around our coats on the coat rack.



When Brandon got home, he decided to take the trim off of our bathroom window so he could take care of any gaps between the window and trim. I forgot to mention that last week, he got up on the ladder to change some light bulbs in our bedroom and heard a gust of wind outside then felt cool air. It happened twice so he went over to our bedroom windows and noticed that the trim wasn’t attached very well to the wall and any hot/cold air was getting into the house this way. So, he screwed the trim better than it was to the wall. He noticed the same thing in our bathroom. So, this is what our bathroom window looks like right now. Notice that there is absolutely no FRAMING around the window. Geniuses, huh?


Friday, December 11, 2015

The kids found Dillon this morning before we left. He was in the dining room hanging out with some nutcrackers.



Brandon messaged me while I was at work and let me know that the Machinist job at the Marine Base in Albany was finally listed. He had been contacted months ago by employees there telling him to apply. (He previously worked there before his current job in Valdosta.) I am hoping that he gets the interview and job there. He would be much closer to where we live than what he is now. So, please say some prayers that this will work out for him/us. He spends an hour and a half twice a day during the week just to go to work. Together, we spend $700 a month just on gas. We could do so much more with our house/property if we didn’t have this huge of an expense.

Brandon came up to Tifton after he got off of work because my department is having our Christmas party tonight. I went and picked up the kids and went over to Brandon’s parents’ house to hang out until we needed to leave for the party. Brandon met me there when he got to town. We were able to see the progress of our farmhouse table that Jack is building for us. This table used to be Brandon’s parent’s table on their back porch. They had purchased it from Pier 1 Imports and had it for years. She finally was able to purchase a farmhouse table from Pickin’ Peanuts before they closed. Marianne knew that I’ve always wanted her table so she asked if I wanted it for our house. She said that she would have Jack put wood on top to make it look more like a farmhouse table for me. Jack is so talented when it comes to woodwork so I know that when the table is done it will look spectacular.



While we were at his parents’ house, I got an email saying the the sheets I ordered for Deegan’s room were ready for pickup. So, we left a little early so that I could swing by and pick them up before the party.

The party started around 7pm at the Tifton Conference Center. It was decorated beautifully and the food was awesome! This year we decided to have a little bit of interaction at the party so we played the Dirty Santa game. We had asked each family to bring an ornament no more than $5. It was slow-going in the beginning but people really started getting into the game and it was really fun. It ended around 8:30pm and we headed home. We got home around 9:30pm. We went to bed because starting tomorrow, it’s going to be a busy weekend.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

I got up around 7am because I heard the kids up and about. I went ahead and ate some cereal then started the laundry. (I do all of our laundry once a week. So, it takes from sun up to sun down to get everything washed, folded, and put away.) Today, the plan was to finish putting up Christmas and get all the boxes put back in the attic and try to clean and organize the house a little better. There have been items and boxes in the eat-in kitchen area since there hasn’t been a table in there for a while so I found places for those items. We will be getting the table from Jack on Sunday.

There was no rhyme or reason to how I went about doing the multiple things I needed to do today. For instance, the first thing I washed this morning was Deegan’s new sheets. So, when they were finished drying, I decided to put Deegan’s bedding on. I went upstairs and started putting his two beds together and then Brandon came upstairs. So, I asked him if we could put his Railroad Crossing signs up. After we did that, I asked if he could replace all of his plugs and his light switch. When I had painted Deegan’s room, I removed all of the covers and they’ve been like that ever since. So, he went downstairs and started flipping breakers so we could find out which one was Deegan’s room. Brandon replaced all the plugs and his light switch. Then, I asked him to replace the light/fan fixture in his room. A couple of days ago, Deegan’s fan quit working. Deegan loves to have his fan on at night and his new sheets are flannel so I know that he will appreciate having a new fixture that works in his room.

I took a break from Deegan’s room to go change our laundry. While I was downstairs, the kids found Dillon. He was hiding in a chamber pot.


Then, I asked the kids to help me decorate their tree on the second floor. They are such good helpers.


So, after we were done with that tree. I sent them downstairs to the main tree to start putting as many ornaments on it as could fit. While they were doing that, Brandon and I started hanging some pictures in Deegan’s room. We still have to hang some shelves plus we have a real train Signal light that we need to hang and other metal signs. So, in the pictures you will see blank spaces. It looks unfinished and I hate to show pictures without it completely done, but this is what this blog is about, right??






When we were hanging pictures in his room, we got really hot. So, we turned on the new fan. Not too long after it was on, the actual lights started moving into a circle AND it smelled really hot. Brandon turned it off at the switch. I went and flipped the breaker so he could take it down. We are going to have to take it back to Lowe’s and get a new one because it seems like something in the motor isn’t running correctly.





In the midst of working in Deegan’s room, I went and set up chairs in the eat-in kitchen area to imagine what my table will look like when it gets here. Can you tell them I’m super excited to get it??


I decorated the kids bathroom upstairs with some nutcrackers.



Brandon and I started hanging garland out on the upper balcony outside and we put a tree out there as well. Then, I talked him into hanging some garland around the two center columns on the front porch. I think we should have all the columns wrapped in garland but we didn’t have enough and we just don’t have the money to spend on that this year. I’m hoping by next Christmas the whole house will be decked out. Brandon wasn’t in the mood to hang wreaths on the windows so that will have to wait until next year as well.



Well, today is pretty much over with and I have to say that we got a lot accomplished. But, I did not meet my goal of getting all of Christmas up and boxes put away. I did manage to get a lot of boxes emptied and ready for the attic though.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

I was kind of awake around 6:15am when I remembered that I forgot to do something before bed last night. I won’t say what it was, but I know that ya’ll could take a really good guess. Let’s just say, I was hoping to be able to do it before the kids woke up and catch me. Once I did that, I laid back down but there was no hope to go back to sleep. I heard the kids shortly after that so I went ahead and got out of bed. When I was in the kitchen getting breakfast ready, the kids came downstairs and found Dillon.



After breakfast, I started hanging garland on the staircase.




Then, with the kids help, I strung ribbon on the garland and floral stems.




This is another view of the front hallway.



Once we finished the staircase, it was time to get ready and head to Tifton. My nephew, Eli, is having a birthday party at 1pm. We left early enough to be able to stop at Lowe’s and return the fan and get a new one. While we were there, we bought some landscaping timbers so that we can start on the chicken pen area. Then, we went to the party.

The theme was pirates. I have such a talented sister-in-law. She made his cake which was totally awesome.


I love the candles on the cake.


Once Eli unwrapped his presents, we needed to leave so that we could pick up the farmhouse table from Brandon’s parents. It looks absolutely gorgeous but I’m not showing you just yet. Brandon’s brother, Bryan, and his dad helped him load it into the truck then we headed to Publix to do some grocery shopping. We forgot to get some Great Stuff for the windows when we were at Lowe’s this morning so we had to stop on our way home.

We got home around 5:45pm and Brandon backed his truck up to the door near the pool area. We unloaded groceries and put them away then we unloaded the table. This table has to weigh over 200 pounds. It is heavy! We put it on a dolly and wheeled it over to the steps. I attempted to help Brandon pick it up so we could get it up the stairs and into the house and it just wasn’t happening. I felt horrible that I couldn’t pick it up. Then, I decided that I had to do it. There was no other choice. So, I told Brandon, “OK, when I pick it up, GO!” So, I picked it up and we went up the stairs. By the time we reached the top step, I couldn’t hold it anymore and I yelled for him to stop but that was after I had to set it down and he was still moving. So, the table got nicked on the corner, but luckily, it was more on the underneath of it then on top. We got it in the house and put the legs back on it and set it up. He went to unload the rest of the things out of his truck and moved his truck. In three minutes, I had the table decorated and I LOVE it!





Now that the ladder back chairs were moved away from the fireplace, I was able to put a pie safe on the right side of it that I retrieved from the farm in Thomasville.


While I was at Eli’s party, my mom gave me some more nutcrackers, so I added them to the kids’ bathroom.



Then, I went downstairs and started dinner. While waiting on dinner, I sat at the table. It is just gorgeous. Look at it!


Tonight, we got to sit at the table and eat. Previously, the kids have been sitting at the island and Brandon and I have been eating in the living room. It is so nice to finally have the eat-in kitchen area completed!


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