Back at it again

Monday, November 9, 2015

Nothing to report today.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

On the way home from work, I happened to see the same two deer as last Tuesday. They were pretty much in the same spots. Tonight, there was traffic in front of me, behind me and in the other lane. Luckily, they both stayed where they were. It could have been bad.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Earlier this week, I posted Deegan’s old twin size bed with trundle for sale on a Camilla Facebook page and someone said that they wanted it. They live in Pelham which is about 15 minutes from Camilla and Brandon passes through on the way to and from work so he’s going to meet them tomorrow. So, Brandon and I loaded the bed into his truck then I went inside. When Brandon came back inside, he said that he heard coyotes and it sounded like they were in the front yard.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Brandon met with the lady that wanted the bed and gave her the bed and we made $40.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Tomorrow there is a 65 mile long yard sale that starts in Camilla, GA and ends at the Georgia/Alabama line. Mom is going out of town for a surprise birthday party for her Uncle so she can’t go. I invited my friend Kristi and her mom but they couldn’t go. Marianne (Brandon’s mom) just got a booth at Southern Pickers and is moving some of her items in today so she couldn’t go with me. So, that meant that Brandon gets to come along with me which also means the kids get to come.

We had the movie Tomorrowland that we had gotten in the mail via Netflix. So, we watched it. If you haven’t seen it, you need to. It’s a really good movie!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

We woke up around 5:30 and left by 6:30. It was slow going due to the cold this morning. But, eventually we were really racking up on some great items. Prices were great but I was still able to chew people down. We got so many good deals today. We got 4 old chicken feeders for $5 a piece. We got 3 galvanized tubs for $1 a piece. I was getting Fisher Price Little People sets for $1 a piece. Books for 10 cents a piece. I got a big bag of wooden Brio train items for $2. I got a 6 gallon crock for $20 and a radio flyer trike for $3. I really wish that my mom could have gone today, but since she didn’t go…..I bought everything that she would have bought. 🙂 I wasn’t sure how far we would go, but before we knew it we had made it to Alabama. By that time, we were starving and the closest restaurants were around 30 minutes away. It made sense for us to go North 30 minutes and eat at Zaxby’s. This put us right at Hwy 82 to go East to Albany then South to Camilla.

We came across a big yard sale in Eufaula. A lady gave me a big box and told me to fill it up and give her a $1. I was able to get a barn with horses and tractors and Fisher Price Little People sets all for $1.

Then, we came across a town called Cuthbert and they had so many old homes. A lot of them looked like our home. So, it was nice to see them and get some ideas of things we could do to ours and still keep the old style of how it would have looked.

We stopped at an Flea Market/Antique Store and it was just a bunch of crap. Oh, and I actually stepped in crap while I was there…..INSIDE the store. Yeah……real nice! The whole way home we kept getting a whiff of dog crap.

We made it home around 5pm. We unpacked the truck and I started cleaning and organizing everything I had gotten. I took some pictures and sent them to my mom so she could see what I had gotten. Then, I started writing the inventory in my book and coming up with prices while Brandon played on the Xbox. The kids spent the rest of the evening playing in the playroom with some of the toys that I had gotten them today.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

I woke up and started doing laundry and cleaning the house. Brandon wanted to hang up a shelf we have where we hang our coats on. But, I told him that I wanted to paint before he did that. So, painting is what I did today. The back hallway has chair railing around it. Whoever did the molding did not do a good job. It’s horrible. We also noticed that the bottom half of the wall has wallpaper on it but someone painted over it. We intend to do the same kind of woodwork detail that is in the front of the house into the back hallway to tie everything together. So, I was just concerned with painting the top half of the walls today.








(Can you see all the gaps around the crown molding?? We will be fixing all of that.)


Then, I cleaned one of the chicken feeders that we had gotten and put it on top of the fridge for decoration. I also added a basket with raffia for the hen to look more like she was sitting in a nest.





Then, I decided to start removing the wallpaper on the bottom half of the wall. But, I didn’t get a whole lot done, because it was starting to get late.


When I had started painting, Brandon had found the right color of stain that we wanted for the counter tops in the laundry room. So, he put a coat of stain on before he went outside. I’m not sure that you can tell a big difference in the pictures but in person, you can see that it’s darker.





While I was painting, he was outside cutting down some trees to clear some of the woods out so we can start building a well house etc out there.

Before we went to bed, we hung the shelf for hanging our coats on and a star above one of the doors.



I know it doesn’t look finished and polished but if you know me….this hallway is no where near done. It’s just the beginning. I have some really good ideas of what I’d like to do but it’s going to happen over time. We have too much going on right now so some things may get started on but not necessarily finished right away.

Tonight, we also bit the bullet and ordered a new washer and dryer. When we purchased the kitchen appliances we got $300 worth of Best Buy gift cards as well as $65 in Best Buy reward certificates. Right now, they have some good deals on washers and dryers so after using gift cards and certificates, we owed $650. Not too shabby! We should get them by next week.


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