No time for rest

Monday, October 19, 2015

While we were gone, we received the payment check for our contractor. We had sent off all the paperwork weeks ago and the day after the inspector came, the bank said they were mailing the check that day. It took about a week to receive it and I know that our contractor was anxious to get it. Total cost for a new roof ($10,000), all new appliances ($3558.24), new HVAC system for the upstairs ($6,000), and all new windows ($12,500) was $32,058.24. Our original budget was $31,000. We went over on appliances by $558.24 and there was some window sill rot that cost us an extra $500 which wasn’t bad at all.

So, here’s some before and after pictures of the transformation that happened in just a little over a month’s time.



After (notice the new roof, new windows, and the start of cleaning out the bushes)














I met with our contractor today and handed over his check and we signed the last few papers to go with our mortgage papers. I can’t express how impressed I was with him and his crew during this process. They were always nice and professional. They never bothered us and always cleaned up their mess. If you ever have any contracting needs, please contact Jason Walker with Walker Construction! You won’t be disappointed.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Mom and I went to our booth today and put in a bunch of goodies that we had gotten from this past weekend at yard sales. When I got there, I noticed just about everything that I had put in the day before was gone. I was so happy! We have a Facebook page for our booth, so every time we put new items in we take pictures and post them because we have a lot of followers who anxiously await new arrivals from us. I cannot tell you how thankful we are for our followers! We sold so many items today that were just put in today. Our booth was hoppin’! Together, we sold over $100 just today!

We had received Avengers: The Age of Ultron in the mail while we were gone so Brandon had dinner ready for us yesterday and today when we got home so we could watch the movie while eating. The kids love being able to eat in the living room while watching a movie together.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

On Facebook, some lady posted a table for sale for $100. Brandon and I have been looking for a table for our dining room that is pretty big so that it fits with the size of the room. The one we currently have in there now is just too small and doesn’t really go with the house all that well. The table that was posted looked like a farmhouse table and came with two benches. It has two leaves that you can add to the table to really stretch it out. It can seat about 10 to 12 people. We were able to snatch it up before someone else.

Brandon had to drive to Tifton to pick it up then home to Camilla. When we got it home, Brandon started cleaning it right away. The table has some scratches and is messed up in places but it will do. It looks so much better in the dining room than the other table did.


Thursday, October 22, 2015

The owner of Southern Pickers (where our booth is located) asked me when we would be moving into our new booth. I told her that the only time we could move would either be this coming Sunday or next Friday because Brandon wouldn’t be available until those days. She then told me that WALB (Albany News) would be coming to her store either next Tuesday or Thursday to showcase some booths and she wanted our booth showcased. So, I talked to Brandon’s mom about it and she has some items that she’s going to let me use for my booth so Brandon doesn’t have to build that much more. She told me that she and Jack would babysit the kids so that we could put it in on Saturday. So, Saturday, we are moving into the new booth. My mom and dad are heading out of town tomorrow to go see my Papaw and won’t be coming home until Monday. So, unfortunately, it is left up to me and Brandon to get everything moved over.

Friday, October 23, 2015

The plan for today is that after work, Brandon and I will meet at our house then drive to Thomasville to get a table out of the farmhouse so that I can use it in the booth to display stuff on. We got to the farm around 6:30ish and right away Brandon noticed that it looked like my Papaw’s trailer door had been tampered with. I got out to look and take pictures so that I could send them to my parents and let them know.


When we got into the trailer, this is what the door looked like.


Then, we went to the farmhouse to get the table and I was asked to walk over to my great Aunt’s trailer and check on it for her. This is what I found.


I got scared because I could see into her trailer and I had no idea if anyone was in there or not and Brandon was still at the farmhouse. So, I went and got him and brought him back over. We entered the trailer to check on it and didn’t find anything disturbed or anyone in there. We checked the sheds and both of them looked like this.


The sheds had a few items missing out of them. Then, we went to check on the tractor and the gate was wide open. We normally have it locked shut. You could look at the grass all around the property and tell that people have been driving all over the land. We checked on everything out at the tractor shed and everything seemed to be fine.

We tried to secure everything before we left as best we could and got home around 9:30PM.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

We woke up bright and early to get to work on building shelving units for the booth. We ended up getting done around 1:30 and headed to Tifton to bang everything out. We got to Southern Pickers around 2:45ish. Jack and Marianne met us out there to bring us some windows to use at the front of the booth. Jack took the kids and Marianne stayed to help me. I’m glad that she did because it wouldn’t have gotten done if it wasn’t for her help. The store closes at 5PM on Saturdays so we didn’t have but a couple of hours to get everything installed and decorated. Luckily, one of the ladies stayed thirty minutes longer to allow Marianne and I a little more time in the booth. It was unfortunate that we couldn’t stay longer because I had Brandon there. I needed him to install some more things but it didn’t get done because of time. I’m not sure when he’ll be back in Tifton to finish up the look of the booth for me. This is what the booth looked like when we finished.


There are lots of holes and empty spaces because we didn’t have the time to really move things around. All we had time to do was literally throw things out of boxes and into available spaces in the booth.

When we were done, we grabbed some dinner for all of us and went and ate with Brandon’s parents. After dinner, Brandon and his brother, Bryan, went and got a trailer. We were given permission to get the tractor and its attachments off the farm before they were stolen. So, tomorrow we plan on going back over there and getting it.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

We woke up at 6AM and left our house at 7AM to head to the farm. We noticed that between Friday night and today that someone has already been past the gate that we shut and a ladder has been stolen out of the tractor shed.

It took us until around 11AM to load the tractor and some of its attachments.




Before we left, we secured my great Aunt’s door better. We got to our house around lunch time and unloaded the tractor. Brandon took the kids for a ride on the tractor after we had lunch.



Brandon mowed half of our front field.





This is what the tractor and he looked like afterwards.



Then, we cleared out a little bit of the woods beside our shed.





Then, he pressure washed the tractor. But, when he tried to use his new pressure washer, it woudn’t work. He took the hose off and this is what he found…..a tree frog inside the hose.














It has been a very busy weekend for us, but today is a special day for Brandon and me. It’s our anniversary. Brandon and I have been married for 12 years and it feels just like yesterday that we were married at his parents gorgeous home. In 1999, Brandon worked at Food Lion as a bag boy and both of my brothers worked there as stockers. At that time, Food Lion was open 24/7 and they needed an overnight cashier. My brothers talked my parents into letting me work there only because both of my brothers worked overnight as well. So, if anything were to happen, they would be there for me. My family lived in Valdosta, GA and the Food Lion that they worked at was located in Tifton, GA (an hour away). The first night I worked there, a lady named Stephanie who worked in the cashier’s office told me that she wanted me to meet one of the workers there named Brandon. She thought we would make a cute couple. So, she called Brandon over the intercom to come to the front and I was a little nervous just because I wasn’t sure if Stephanie really knew what she was talking about. I mean, I had just started working there and she didn’t even know me. Well, Brandon and his friend, Jeff (also worked as a bag boy) came to the front and when I met eyes with Brandon there was something electric there. I had an instant feeling about him that he would be in my life for a long time. I honestly can’t remember what all happened that day but I do remember a lot of smiles and laughs going on back and forth. I was in college and only worked during the weekends. Brandon was still in high school and just worked after school until a certain time of night. There were times that I had to work during the week. A lot of the times, Brandon would be getting off of work when I got there but he would stay and bag for me. A lot of customers asked us if we were dating and we would look at each other and say, “No.” Then they would always say, “Y’all would make a cute couple.” Then, of course, we would look at each other and just smile. He used to always ask me, “So, when are you taking me out on a date?” It was only a short time before we were a couple. Months and months later, I broke up with him only because I was pressured from a friend. Later to find out, that that friend was no friend at all. She was trying to start a relationship with Brandon when we broke up. I ended up quitting Food Lion and working elsewhere. Years passed, but during those years both Brandon and I had dated several other people. It was kind of funny, because if I was single, I would think about Brandon and go visit him, but he would be dating someone. So, nothing would happen. Then, I would be dating someone and he would be single and he would come visit me. We went back and forth for a while but never was able to get back together. Then, one day, my brothers told me that they had some bad news for me and some good news. They still worked at Food Lion with Brandon and they loved Brandon like a brother. Everyone was mad at me when I had broken it off with Brandon. Well, I asked what the bad news was and they told me that Brandon was engaged. So, I thought how could there be good news out of this. So, I asked what the good news was and they told me that they didn’t think he was happy in his relationship. So, I knew at this point that I loved him and he couldn’t go through with the marriage. I immediately drove to Tifton and met with Brandon and told him that I loved him and that he couldn’t get married. He didn’t know what to say or do. He was living with her. Slowly, but surely we got back together in early 2002. He asked me to marry him later that year in December and we were married October 25, 2003.

I’m so happy that he is in my life. He is an amazing husband and father. And, he busted tail this weekend! Thanks babe!

Monday, October 26, 2015

My parents were headed back from Tennessee today. The plan is that dad is dropping mom off in Tifton so that mom and I can finish up the look of the booth before Tuesday (when the news is coming to film). Then, mom and I will drive to Thomasville to meet the guys. We will be getting a few more items from the farm.

Mom got to Tifton around 2:30PM and we got to work on our booth. This is the end result of today.


We got to the farm around 6:30ish and finally left around 7:45ish to eat. We didn’t get home until around 9:30ish and I am so pooped! I’m exhausted and feel sleep deprived.


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