Fall Break Fun

Monday, October 12, 2015

We have made plans to visit family and friends in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Maryville, Tennessee this coming weekend.  The kids are out for Fall Break this coming Thursday and Friday. Brandon is having to work 4 10 hour shifts in order to be off Friday so we can leave. There won’t be any time to work on the house this week.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

This morning, my mother and I visited Dawson’s school because they were having some local firemen visit and teach them about fire safety and show them their truck and equipment.




When the kids got to line up and look inside the firetruck, Dawson got shoved around a bit and she started crying.

This is Dawson and her Nana (aka my mom).


Her class in front of the firetruck.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nothing to report for today.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Today, I am off work to be with the kids. My plans were to stay home and clean and decorate the house for fall, but in the middle of the night I thought of something. Brandon has to renew his driver’s license by Friday and I remembered that he would need his Birth Certificate. Well, I don’t recall having it or even ever seeing it. I woke up and texted his mom and asked if she had it. She texted back and said that she found it. So, I guess it’s off to Tifton I go…..on my day off…….on a day that I’m not supposed to have to drive an hour to Tifton. LOL

I got ready and stopped by to pay Brandon’s truck tag.

Back Story:

When I received my paper to get my tags renewed it came from Tift County because we had not yet closed on the house in Camilla (Mitchell County). So, I called Mitchell County Tax Assessors office and asked what I needed to do in order to change my tags to Mitchell County. The lady told me that I would need to come by in person and show my driver’s license with my new address. I asked her if I could just email or fax her a copy of my driver’s license with the new address. She very rudely told me no that I had to come by in person. I told her that I worked in Tifton (an hour away) so then she asked me about my husband and I told her that he worked in Valdosta (an hour and a half away) then she asked me about my parents and I told her that they lived in Valdosta. She then muttered “Well what the heck are you doing living in Mitchell County.” That comment made me so mad. It is none of your business! I told her that it would work better for me if I could email or fax my driver’s license to her. She then told me that I needed to take a day off like any other person would need to do in order to take care of business. I told her that it doesn’t make sense for me to take a day off of work and have to drive my kids an hour to Tifton so they can go to school and then drive an hour back to Camilla to show her my driver’s license so I can get my tag then drive an hour back to Tifton to pick my kids up from school. She made me so mad that I ended up hanging up on her. I mean, I understand that rules are rules. But, where I work (any where I’ve worked) there are always exceptions to the rules. I ended up doing a free change of address on the dmv website and made copies of the confirmation of ordering my new driver’s license and I mailed in the Tifton Tax Assessors paper with the confirmation of the driver’s license with a nice little note about how I didn’t appreciate the rudeness and comments of the lady on the phone. And, guess what? Two days later, I received my Mitchell County tag in the mail.

So, it’s Thursday, October 15, 2015 and I’m headed down in person to pay Brandon’s tags for him. Mind you, his papers came addressed to our new address. I took proof of the Honda Civic being sold in case I happened to get the same rude lady and she claims I need papers to prove something. So, I walk in and there are two ladies. One is on the phone and the other is helping an older lady. So, I stand to the side and am waiting on the lady to get off the phone. But, the lady on the phone starts waving her hand aggressively at me as if to tell me “Come here!” So, I walk over to her and hand her the papers for Brandon’s truck and car. I wasn’t sure who she was talking to her on the phone so I didn’t want to interrupt but she started typing away. So, I told her that we sold the civic. Then, she finally hung up with whoever she was on the phone with. I could tell at that point that it was a personal phone call. She asks me rudely “When did you sell the civic?” I told her that we sold it the Saturday before the date on the papers. She then says “Well, the car’s not even in his name” then slapped the papers that I brought (to her to prove we sold it) onto the counter in front of me and said “You just brought too much paperwork with you.” At this point, I’m thinking “Okay, this is the same lady that I spoke with on the phone a month earlier.” Then, she types again and says “Do you have Brandon’s driver’s license?” I told her “no, but I can message him and have him send me a picture of it.” She tells me “Um, he can fax it to me……because we show in our system that his driver’s license still says Tift County and it has to say Mitchell County.” I was very aggravated at this point, so I start putting all my papers in my purse all the while telling her “He is off tomorrow and is getting his new driver’s license then (which the dmv is in Albany, an hour north). So, I guess we’ll drive an hour north and get the license then drive an hour back and pay the tag then drive back an hour north to head out of town!” And then I stormed out.

When I got to Tifton, I went straight to his parents’ house and picked up the Birth Certificate then ran a few errands in Tifton then headed back. I called Brandon and asked him to call the Tax Assessors office and ask why they needed to see his driver’s license with the new address when they sent his tags to the new address. It just didn’t make any sense to me. So, he called and called me back and said that it’s a new rule they have. He called Tift County Tax Assessors office and asked them about our scenario and they said no we didn’t need to have his license.

When I got home, I started washing a load of laundry then started the dishwasher and cleaned. When Brandon got home, he went into our bathroom and yelled at me to turn off all the water that was running. But, by that time, everything was either in the dryer or on dry mode. I walked into our bathroom and there was standing water. The septic had backed up into the house through our shower. UGH!

So, Brandon had to dig out the pipe to the septic while I was inside the house packing everyone’s suitcase. Then, he comes into the house and grabs his rifle and I ask him what he’s doing. He tells me that he hears something big in the woods. He came back into the house later and he said he couldn’t find what it was. He goes back outside to work on the septic and he asks me to come outside and help him. So, while I’m standing there in the dark hunched over, I hear something in the woods. I asked him if he heard it and he was quiet then it moved again in the woods. So, I walked over to the porch to stand in the light while he went inside for his gun. He came out with a handgun this time that has an LED light on it. He walks into the woods trying to find what it is. I started hearing the woods move towards the front of the house but I never saw anything. Then, after a little bit, I heard it on the other side of the pool walking towards where Brandon was. I holler for Brandon to get out of the woods that it was headed his way. So, he comes out of the woods and gets on my side of the fence and looks through the fence with his flashlight and he starts laughing. I ask him what it was and he tells me that it was an armadillo. There is a barrel cut in half in the woods that has water in it and it hopped up there and got a drink of water then hopped back down. He didn’t shoot it because he didn’t have the proper gun.

Back to work on the septic, we finally got it clear for now but we are going to have to dig it up later and find the source as to why it keeps getting backed up.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Today is Brandon’s birthday!! Happy Birthday Babe! I love you!!

We woke up around 6AM and left the house at 7AM so that we could get to Albany at 8AM when the DMV opened. He got his new license and we head back an hour to Camilla so that we can pay his tag before we headed out of town. So, we get to the Tax Assessors office and I tell him “here’s the papers, I’m not going in because I’m liable to go off on someone if I do.” He goes in and comes right back out with the same papers in his hand. As soon as he opens the door, I ask him “what?” He says that their system is done. I was furious!!! They told him to come back on Monday that they wouldn’t charge him a late fee. So, we headed out of town. Traffic was absolutely horrible going through Atlanta. We got to Chattanooga around 3:30PM. We stopped at some antique shops and then ate. Then, we went to the hospital to visit my Papaw who underwent surgery earlier this week. Dad took the kids when we left and Brandon and I went antique shopping again.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

We woke up at 5AM so we could leave at 6AM and head to Maryville, Tennessee to visit our friends there. It takes two hours to get there and Alyssa and I wanted to go yard saling. Shortly after we arrived, Alyssa and I left for a few hours. There were yard sales everywhere! We weren’t able to hit up all of them but the ones we did, I really racked up on some good deals. We all ate lunch together at Buffalo Wild Wings then chilled at their house for a while.

We decided to go to the pumpkin patch and go on a hay ride.

Dawson at Maple Lane Farms


Deegan at Maple Lane Farms (the sun was in his eyes LOL)


Family Selfie on the hay ride


Pickin Pumpkins


Our Pumpkins


20151017_184146[1]Dawson in the sunflower field


We then ate dinner at Cheddar’s then headed back to Chattanooga. We got back to Chattanooga around 10:30.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

We loaded up our truck and headed home to Camilla around 10AM.


We checked the traffic and there were already two wrecks before Atlanta and one in Atlanta. So, we decided to head towards Alabama then down. It was nice because it was so pretty with the trees having fall colors and there was no traffic. We drove on an old divided highway the whole way home. We made stops at Flea Markets and Antique Shops all the way home. We finally got home around 7PM.


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