Inspection time!

Monday, October 5, 2015

When Brandon got home from work, the owner of the property next to us was there. He stepped out of his truck, put his hands on his hips and pointed to where the shut off valve to the water going to his property was and said, “We’re off your well now.” I guess he was able to get someone out there and they fixed his well. Thank goodness! One less worry…

Brandon finished plumbing the bathroom sink and that was all that got done today.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Brandon got home from work and hung the microwave over the stove. We couldn’t decide where we wanted to put it. I didn’t want to hang it above the stove in its current location because the cabinets were hanging too low which would put the microwave really close to the stove top. But, we called for the final inspection and he is coming on Thursday, so we needed to go ahead and hang it and that was the best place for now.





Then, he sheet rocked/taped/mudded the bathroom wall where he was messing with the plumbing.


When the kids and I got home, I had Deegan go upstairs and pick up his room. Shortly after he was upstairs, he hollered at me and said he saw a snake. So, I hollered for Brandon and he went upstairs and saw the tail end of it going into the wall. Some of the rooms upstairs used to be carpeted and someone took off the toe molding which left a gap all the way around the room along the baseboards. Deegan said it was a baby oak snake.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Today is my mama’s birthday. I won’t see her until Friday when my dad is dropping her off to me in Tifton. She will be spending the night with me on Friday so that we can hit up all the yard sales during the 100 Mile Peanut Pickin’ Yard Sale on Saturday. Happy Birthday Mama!! Hope you had a special day!

When Brandon got home today, he sanded/mudded/sanded the bathroom wall. When he was through, I painted it.


While I painted, he cut and installed the wood counter tops in the laundry room. Then, he installed the laundry room sink, but he hasn’t yet plumbed it.



While we were doing all of that, I had Deegan pick up the playroom. He started hollering again for me. He saw the snake in there.

Side note: Why does my son holler for me when he sees a snake???!!!!

Brandon went upstairs and saw it. When he tried to get it, it slithered into the wall going into the attic. I think we may need to get a house cat so that the house cat can get the mice which will keep snakes away. I have forgot to mention but we have caught a big rat in the attic with a trap and several baby mice throughout the house. We most recently have a dead rat smell in the attic again and cannot find the source. By all means, snake, please find it and eat it and rid this house of that aweful smell!

We finished installing the sink and the mirror in the bathroom.IMAG6844



Thursday, October 8, 2015

Today, the inspector came. He basically took pictures of everything we said we were using the contractor for and left.

Other than that, we relaxed for once!

Friday, October 9, 2015

My contractor asked how the inspection went. I told him he took pictures and left. I contacted the bank and asked. They told me that they were mailing out the check today.

After work, I met mom at our booth, The Coop by Two Red Hens, at Southern Pickers in downtown Tifton.

She had been using her cane this week to try to get used to walking around without her walker in order to last Saturday while we yard sale. Our booth is upstairs, so for the past 8 weeks I’ve been the one putting her items and my items in the booth and rearranging/straightening the booth.

After we were done, we went to Ruby Tuesday and then went and got the kids and headed home. I stopped at Dairy Queen in Camilla to pick up an ice cream cake for mama’s and Brandon’s birthday. Brandon was surprised about the cake.

We relaxed again tonight and just celebrated birthdays.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Mom and I woke up super early and drove to Sylvester. We headed north for a little bit then headed south to Moultrie. Dad met us there to pick her up. We did okay at the yard sales, but not as good as I thought we would. At one place, there were so many people set up selling that there were cars everywhere. So, cars were parking off the side of the road at an angle. So, I pull in at an angle (mind you, I’m in my husband’s truck) and where I parked there was a steep incline down. So, mom and I get out and walk all around for a while and when we get back to the truck, there is a car parked at an angle in the opposite direction right beside us, blocking us in. I was so mad! I told mom to stand by that car so I wouldn’t hit it. I inched down a little bit to try and cut the wheel so I would miss them. Well, that just put more weight in the front causing me no traction on the back left tire. I was stuck! So, I went ahead and drove down into the ditch and was going to find another way out. Although, there were cars everywhere. My only exit was where my truck was parked. I tried going up the hill and the tires started spinning. I was about to have a nervous breakdown all because of some inconsiderate moron! I looked at mom….she was standing at the top of the hill where I came from…blocking anyone from parking there. I asked her if I was clear. She told me yes. I told her to move. I gunned it and spun tires all the way up, but I made it! Thank goodness!

A couple of my favorite finds.

20151011_182611[1] 20151011_182622[1] 20151011_182634[1]

When I got home, we loaded up and headed to Albany. I had to drop off something to Kristi and her mom and pick up a wreath they made. It is huge! It will look awesome on my front door for Fall.


By the time we got home, it was dark.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Brandon and I worked on the outside yard. We started a burn pile and then started taking out a small tree and bushes in front of the porch.













It took a while to get all of that cleared out so that’s all we got done today. He did start trying to dig out the walkway that we know is buried under the grass.


Brandon found a frog in our pool.


This shows you just how big it is.


Then, Deegan found a snake while messing with the grass.


It’s a hog nose snake. Not poisonous!


Sorry that there wasn’t much to post about for this past week. Work will be slowing down since the inspection is over with. We were trying to get as much done as possible before he came. We still have tons to do and will continue to work but not as hard or as much. Just when we have time. 🙂


One thought on “Inspection time!”

  1. The snake still creeps me out– poisonous or not! And that wreath is beautiful, and will look so gorgeous on the front door. I can’t wait to see what you do for Christmas!


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