Be our guest…

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Our lawn was long over due for some mowing so as soon as Brandon got home from work, he started mowing our yard. I was inside moving some furniture around. We have a chifferobe that my great grandfather (my mom’s dad’s dad) made that we had in the hallway. I felt it was too deep for the place we had it so I temporarily moved it into the dining room. If you notice that difference in the wood color, my mom had one piece replaced. When her brother, Kirk, was in his late teens, he was in his room messing with his gun when it went off and went through the wall and went through the chifferobe. I wouldn’t have minded if the wood was ever replaced. Either way, this piece of furniture has a story behind it.


Once I moved the chifferobe out of the way, I placed one of my new curio cabinets in its old place. I haven’t yet placed the shelves inside of it just yet.


Then, I moved another curio cabinet into the living room.


After all that, I went upstairs and started moving more stuff into the lower attic. Then, I was able to make the bed in the guest bedroom.


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Brandon wasn’t able to finish mowing yesterday. I mean, we have 6 acres of land now, so it takes a long time to mow now. When he got home, he moved some stuff off of the front porch and pressure washed then finished mowing. When I got home, he was still mowing, so I moved the freezer back into the laundry room. We were housing it in the middle of the kitchen and I was tired of it being there.

I went to Lowe’s today and bought some burlap shades for the rooster chandelier that we just installed in the kitchen. So, I put those on while Brandon was outside.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

When Brandon got home, he went to check on the chickens and he heard that the well was running. I don’t think that I’ve told ya’ll this yet, but about a week before we closed on the house, we found out that our neighbors are on our well. Our property and the property next to us was all owned by the same family so when their well went out, they ran a line from our house to their house. We have contacted the owner next door (who rents that property out) and told him that we wanted him off of the well. Brandon has made several phone calls to him to let him know when the well is constantly running when he gets home and we haven’t been home all day, etc., etc. So, since it was running when he got home, he felt that that was the perfect opportunity to shut it off and replace the pressure switch on the well.

After we ate dinner, we went into the downstairs hall bathroom to start making a list of things to buy. We were going to work on getting it all hooked up. Since our contractor is done doing everything on the rehab list, we need our house as done as possible. This is the current state of that bathroom


Friday, October 2, 2015

We are having our first house guests tomorrow and we still have boxes in the guest bedroom. So, when we got home, Brandon made a pulley system so that we could get the heavy boxes up into the big attic. I stayed down at the bottom of the ladder and put things on the board and Brandon was in the attic pulling them up and unloading them.


We did that about 25+ times. By the time we got all of the big, heavy boxes out of the room, this is what was left to put away at the end of the night.


Saturday, October 3, 2015

Today is the day! We are having overnight company tonight and we can’t wait! We woke up about 8 AM and got to it. I started putting what was left in the guest bedroom in the lower attic. Then, I got Brandon to hang some tobacco baskets for me. We cleaned that room from top to bottom, even washed the walls. It smelled so good. After that, we hung a new fan/light fixture that I had bought for that room. I want guests to be able to turn on a fan if they want to.





I had a hope chest that was in the dining room downstairs that I wanted to bring up into the guest bedroom. The hope chest belonged to my great grandfather (my dad’s mom’s dad). The room is complete for now. I plan on adding some more furniture and decor at a later point. But, it’s ready for some guests!






We cleaned the house fan vent.





We took down Dawson’s bed since it was a full size bed and we had an extra queen mattress and box springs. So, we put her bed in the upper attic and put the queen bed together.


We put lots more stuff in the upper attic and cleaned the rest of the house. I vacuumed while Brandon was right behind me mopping the hardwood floors. Then, Brandon took down our light fixture in the Master Bedroom and hung a fixture that his parents had given us.





I had texted my friend and asked her to let me know when she was two hours out. That way we could wrap up what all we were doing and have time to get showers and get the food going for dinner. Our guests arrived around 7:30ish. We prepared dinner for them. We had grilled steaks, huge baked potatoes, macaroni and cheese, green beans, brown rice, garlic bread, and grilled corn dogs (for the kids). The kids had a blast playing with each other while the adults caught up with each other. We found out that they were headed to Disney World. I immediately started giving her all kinds of information and advice from our experiences. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am super organized. I created itineraries for both times we went. I plan just about everything to a tee (I do allow downtime). But, if you get one of those packages from Disney that include dining (table service meals), you should make reservations as early as they allow. This means that you need to know which park you will be at on a certain day. So, after giving my friend all that information, she asked to see what all I had of Disney that I could share with her. So, of course I whipped out my Disney Scrapbook and all my books and information that I had from our trips there. She started laughing when she found my itinerary and showed her husband. I get super excited talking about Disney, so of course we referred them to some good places to eat and some things to go see while they are there.

I sense a Disney trip for our family coming up next year!! 🙂

Sunday, October 4, 2015

We woke up around 7:25AM. I let Brandon sleep a little while I started preparing breakfast. I cooked bacon, biscuits, scrambled eggs, and fried eggs served with milk and orange juice. Brandon remembered that he had made some blackberry jam and it was delicious! Our guests left around 10:30ish.

As soon as they left, we were back to the grind again. The goal was to get the downstairs hall bathroom together. So, guess what that means? We had to shut the water off at the well in order for Brandon to do plumbing. The first thing I did was scrub the floors with bleach and wash the walls and trim.









Then, I painted the walls, trim, and ceiling. While Brandon started working on the plumbing, I painted the details he had added to the front door, but I forgot to take pictures.

He started to plumb the sink then realized that he didn’t have everything that he needed to hook up the cold water side of the faucet. The cabinet we are using for the sink is an old sewing machine table that was my great grandmother’s (my dad’s mom’s mom).


Brandon hooked up the toilet next. Then, he went under the house to plumb the bath tub. While he was under the house, I thought I heard someone come down our driveway so I went to look and I see a white Ford truck barreling into our yard. So, I ran into the bathroom and told Brandon that someone was here. I was not going to answer the door as I did not have makeup on and looked like crap. The door bell rang and instantly a BANG, BANG, BANG. A few seconds passed and the same thing again. It was like someone was mad and I figured it was the neighbor or the owner mad about the water being turned off. So, I went into the hallway and shouted at him that Brandon was under the house and he needed to go around to the pool area. So, I went and put some makeup on so that I could see who was banging on our door so aggressively. When I went outside, it was the owner of the property next door. He came to find out when the water would be turned back on and also told us that the neighbor found a leak and had fixed it. That is why (he says) the well was constantly running. So, we had the water off from about 11AM to around 5PM. Just a thought, but maybe you need to speed up the process on getting water for your rental property. It’s our well and we have the right to shut it off whenever we please and we don’t have to answer to anyone. After that ordeal, Brandon finished installing the claw foot tub. Then, I got to decorate.










Side note: We intend on replacing the floor tile and raising the ceiling to 10 ft like the rest of the house. For now, we just needed to get things in place and hooked up for when the inspector comes back to verify everything is done.

We will finish getting the sink hooked up tomorrow and the mirror hung.


7 thoughts on “Be our guest…”

    1. Cathy, that will be fine with me! Come on… are more than welcome! I do intend to have an open house at some point when we get to a good point where we can relax a little bit where all who read the blog will be invited. 🙂


  1. Amanda, I really do love the theme you have going in this house! I like how you’re taking old heirloom furniture and making it functional again (love the sink). If you have an open house, please do invite me. I would love to see it in person. Let me know if you find any other history on the house, too. You know I love that kind of stuff!


      1. great. so glad for you guys. take care and thanks you hens lay the best eggs. and I know that sound silly but they are fresher and that makes a difference.

        Liked by 1 person

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