Busy, busy, busy…

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Brandon did some more tiling in the laundry room and fixed the sheetrock behind the washer and dryer so that I could paint it. I painted the wall as well as the window trim and door trim to the exterior door.


Exterior Door


Here is a Before and After of the Bay Window in the Eat-In Kitchen Area.





We can actually see outside now! Yay!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Brandon did some more tiling in the laundry room when he got home from work. It’s hard to get a lot done during the week when we get home because there’s not much time left before we need to eat and go to bed.


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Today, I was able to start researching the history of the house and it is so exciting. I’ve already found out some interesting things but there is so much more to find out. The historian in Thomasville and an employee at Thomasville Landmarks have been so helpful. Between the two of them and my research, we have gotten some names of owners and the actual address of the house when it was built. However, we are still unsure of the actual year it was built. Lots to still find out.

The light fixture that was in the laundry room was a fluorescent fixture and it was a nightmare to get it to turn on. This is how it went almost every time we tried to turn it on. (Flip) On…………….(Flip) Off,  (Flip) On…………….(Flip) Off, (Flip) On…………….(Flip) Off, (Flip) On…………….(Flip) Off, (Really Fast) – (Flip) On/(Flip) Off, (Flip) On/(Flip) Off, (Flip) On/(Flip) Off, (Flip) On/(Flip) Off, (Flip) On/(Flip) Off, (Flip) On/(Flip) Off, (Hold your Breath), (Flip) On…..and then it would finally come on. Brandon determined that it was the actual fixture that needed to be replaced versus something eletrical. So, I went to Lowe’s and bought a really cool light that had two fans on it. Brandon didn’t take a before picture of the original fixture. With the new fixture, we don’t have to do the above scenario any more.



Friday, September 25, 2015

I found out a little bit more on the history of the house. I want to keep digging and find out as much as I can about the house before I share anything. I want to dedicate an entire blog just to the history of the house.

I stopped at Lowe’s before I went home and bought a vanity light for the Master Bathroom. We have the same fun situation that we had in the laundry room when trying to flip on the vanity light. It is also a florescent light fixture. I also bought some recessed lighting for the laundry room. The new fixture I had bought for the laundry room just doesn’t put out enough light for the size of the room. Brandon tiled some more when he got home from work.


When I got home, I painted the Master Bathroom ceiling where we had leaks that one day it rained and the new roof wasn’t finished over that room.

 Here are some Befores of the ceiling however I haven’t taken Afters because I’m going to have to get some Kilz to try. What I did thus far has helped it not look as apparent but it still needs something else to cover the stains.




Saturday, September 26, 2015

We woke up bright and early and got to it. We had to drain the hot water heater so that we could move it out of the laundry room in order to finish tiling. While he was tiling and grouting the laundry room, I finished unpacking the toys and books for the kids’ playroom and situating it.



The next thing to tackle was to start trying and putting boxes in the attic that are in the Guest Room. We are having our first house guests this coming weekend and right now, there’s nothing for them to sleep on in there. My best friend, Angelia and her family are headed to Florida and are going to stop by and visit us and I can’t wait to see them.

This is what the Guest Room currently looks like.


When Brandon had a moment to stop working in the laundry room, I asked him to lay down plywood in the lower level attic so that I could start moving boxes in there.





Here is what the laundry room looked like at the end of today. We ran out of grout so tomorrow we are going to have to go get some. I got to paint the wall where the hot water heater was now that it was out of the room.



I also cleaned Dawson’s room and finished unpacking some of her items and was able to set up her full size bed. Marianne and Jack (Brandon’s parents) had given us their old dining room rug and we decided to use it in Dawson’s room to help cover the awful floor. We won’t have time to sand and finish the floor before the inspector comes back so this should help hide the floor. We are in need of a full size box springs and mattress set.


Sunday, September 27, 2015

Up, bright and early, this morning. Brandon had to put the washer and dryer back in the laundry room so that I could wash clothes. Then, he left to meet my parents in Thomasville to pick up a queen size box springs and mattress for the Guest Room and then stopped at Lowe’s to get more grout so that he could finish the laundry room. While he was gone, I was moving all the boxes that were in the dining room up the stairs to Deegan to put in the playroom so that I could put them in the lower attic. I forgot to take a before picture of the dining room with all the boxes in there, but it was FULL of boxes. So, I got a workout today. Up and down those stairs carrying heavy boxes. I’m super sore.




I also cleaned up the front porch and put some chairs out there.


Today, I finally got to go up to the upstairs attic. It has really steep stairs, but when you get up there, it is huge up there. It honestly could be another level to the house and be a bonus room. There was loose plywood up there. Brandon screwed those down and added another light up there. We didn’t take an after picture but here is what it looks like up there.





Here is the Guest Room with the bed set up. We still have boxes in there but have plans to get them out before Saturday. Those boxes are wider and have to go in the upstairs attic. Not sure how we are going to get them up the steep ladder. LOL


Here is the laundry room finally all tiled and grouted.


Monday, September 28, 2015

WAY sore today! Those stairs kicked my butt! I took some pictures when I got home today of the outside of the house so that you could see the new AC unit, windows, and roof.







Brandon hung a new chandelier over the bar area in the kitchen.






He hung the new vanity light in the Master Bathroom. No more flipping on and off and holding our breath for it to come on now.





When we pulled off the old fixture, there was no wallpaper behind it. So, yes, I am aware that it needs to be fixed. I plan on ripping all the wallpaper off the wall and painting. Just no time soon right now.

I ended tonight by cooking some chicken using an old family recipe for the sauce, diced potatoes, and some home grown green beans. It was delicious!IMAG6607[1]IMAG6608[1]IMAG6609[1]

That’s southern comfort food right there! Time for bed!

Thanks for reading!


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