August 24, 2015

Monday, when I got home from work, Brandon showed me something he had found the day before while mowing the property. It was nestled behind some overgrown landscaping. When we first looked at the home before purchasing, we saw it from afar but had no clue just how AWESOME it really was. It is the coolest oak tree that I’ve ever seen and it’s ours! It’s going to make the perfect spot for a tree house and to hang tire swings off of. It honestly feels like a fairytale when you are around it.

August 25, 2015

Tuesday, Brandon was able to pressure wash around the pool from the diving board down one entire side of the pool. Then, when I got home from work, the pressure washer decided to quit on him. It was having issues staying running. So, that was it for work on Tuesday.

August 26, 2015

Brandon attempted to pressure wash more of the pool area again on Wednesday but was having difficulty even getting the pressure washer to crank. We are borrowing my dad’s pressure washer so I was just hoping that we didn’t break the thing. Brandon noticed that the fuel line was cracked causing air to get into the fuel line which was probably causing the pressure washer to shut off while using it. He replaced the tube for the fuel line and tried to crank it and it still wouldn’t work. At this point, he thinks that maybe dirt and a piece of the rubber tube broke off and got into the carburetor. In the end, Brandon determined that the pressure washer needs a new carburetor and we haven’t told dad yet. So, dad, this is my way of telling you. :) We are fixing your pressure washer before we give it back to you but we went ahead and decided that we would buy a new one so we could finish pressure washing what we needed to.

Brandon and I decided to order a pool cleaner for the pool. The pool doesn’t seem to want to stay clean, go figure! Of course, I’ve trained my husband to shop around for the best deal and look at reviews before purchasing big items. He was able to find a robot with some awesome technology that will clean the pool for close to $500. Most of the pool cleaners cost $1000 or more. So, we are hoping that this is going to be a good buy.

August 27, 2015

Brandon stopped by Lowe’s and bought a new pressure washer. I didn’t hear from him when I normally would so I figured he was just tinkering with his new toy. But, shortly after that thought, I got this picture from him.

Yup, those are two rattlesnakes. He went to get the chickens water from the spicket by the well and heard some rustling in the woods. He noticed that these two snakes were mating. So, he ran to get his handgun and changed his mind and got the shotgun. He went back and the snakes had separated. He loaded bird shot and shot the snake and all that did was make him mad. The rattle was just going and the snake was staring him down. Then, he started towards him forcing him to run backwards while loading the shotgun with buck shot. One snake down, one more to find…. He walked towards the back corner of the property and stopped so he could listen for the snake. As he was looking to the left, to the right of him about three steps away was the female rattlesnake. He hit her with bird shot and it ticked her off and charged him so then he blew her head off with buck shot. So glad that he was able to find them and kill them. Definitely don’t need baby rattlesnakes around our yard.

After that incident, Brandon got his new pressure washer going and absolutely loves it. He was able to finish the pool area.



August 28, 2015

When we got home, we noticed that some lumber had been dropped off at the house. Our contractor messaged me and let me know that the roof will be completed next week. Yay! I can’t wait to see the transformation from shingles to metal. Also waiting on us when we got home was the new pool cleaner that we ordered.

We put it in the pool and that thing took off and started cleaning the bottom and sides of the pool. We think it’s going to be just fine for our pool. That night, we pressure washed the patio by the pool.



Then, we started working on clearing out some overgrown vines and trees around the pool area fence entrance. We discovered a concrete pathway.


After (taken at the time we had just gotten it all cleaned up)

August 29, 2015

We worked on getting more trees cut down around the front of the pool. It started raining really bad so we couldn’t do much outside. So, we got in the car and headed to Albany, GA to do some shopping. I’m glad we didn’t leave when we wanted to because there had been a car that hydroplaned into the ditch and was half buried in water. We didn’t find what we were looking for but managed to find some patio chairs on clearance. We also bought an outdoor table and some paint for inside the house.

August 30, 2015

The goal Sunday was to tackle getting the rest of the vines off the side of the house by the pool and pressure wash the house and fix the vinyl siding in places that need fixing.







After (this is an after of the trees being cut down but prior to pressure washing and fixing the vinyl siding)




After (from another angle)

I had bought some stain for the patio but apparently I bought the spray kind and not the roll on kind. Oopsie!


After (you can’t really tell a difference, huh?)

So, yesterday was really hot. My entire family got a little sun burn. Brandon and I ended the day by jumping (just kidding…….we walked in……..slowly……..trying to adjust to the coolness of the water with each step into the pool), fully clothed.

This past week, we made lots of discoveries. We discovered a tree only found in fantasies. We discovered my dad’s pressure washer was broke. Brandon discovered some rattlesnakes. He also disovered a concrete path to the patio. Dawson is always discovering new frogs.

Deegan discovered he doesn’t like being sun burned.

And, I discovered a new home for a patio umbrella that was given to us.


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