When a house feels like a home

August 21, 2015

Brandon and I were set to close on the Camilla house Friday at 4pm. I had to work until 3pm and he left work early so that we could meet at a local Antique store in downtown Tifton to pick up a clawfoot tub that I had bought a few weeks ago. We had bought a big clawfoot tub over a month ago to go in the Master Bathroom, but we needed a smaller tub to go in the downstairs hall bathroom. While I was waiting on him to arrive, I noticed his dad and brother a few stores down loading something in their truck. So, of course, I asked them to stay and help Brandon load the tub. I didn’t think I’d be of much help to Brandon by myself. With their help, it didn’t take much time at all to load it up. Now, we had a lot of time left before we needed to be there to close at 4pm. So, we ran down to Walgreens and got a few things to waste some time. I wasn’t at all nervous about the closing on the Camilla house like I was when we closed on the sale of our home in Tifton. I was excited to get to meet the owner and ask her some questions about the house. Brandon had previously met her a few times when she came out to the house during the pool rehab process. Well, 4pm finally came and we signed a bunch of papers, then we had a little bit of time to talk to each other while waiting on the attorney to make copies, etc.

A little bit of history on the house that I’ve known, but haven’t mentioned just yet is that the house was originally located in Thomasville, Georgia. The house, I believe, was going to be torn down and the seller and her ex-husband bought the house for $500! I could not believe it! They moved it to Camilla for $4500 to its current location. There is more that I found out about the house but I’d like to save that for a later blog.

Finally, the attorney came back and gave us all our copies and said congratulations and the house was finally ours. Yay! It was such a good feeling to know that now the house was ours.

My in-laws kept the kids Friday night so that we could get some work done around the house without having to worry about them. By the time we got home Friday, it was too late to do anything. Saturday, my friend, Kristi, was planning to bring her mom by to see the house. She loves old homes and wanted to check it out herself.

August 22, 2015

I read somewhere that “weekends are the shortest times in life, but the most is done in that time”. I definitely believe in that statement, for sure. Brandon and I woke up and immediately got to work. Our Master Bedroom looked like a bomb had went off in it. We still had packed boxes and clothes everywhere. Together, we worked on unpacking and getting everything situated in our bedroom. Then, we did a little bit of work in the Master Bathroom. The window in there had some shutters and a valance that I wanted taken down.

We hung new blinds then I had him hang a new hand towel bar and a new toilet paper holder. Then, we wheeled in the clawfoot tub that was going to eventually be installed in there. Of course, anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to decorate. So, I started pulling out all kinds of stuff trying to decide what would look good in the bathroom. I found a metal star that I wanted to hang above the vanity. I really wanted to play to the height of the ceilings. We have 10 foot ceilings throughout the entire house. Then, I found some Southern Living at Home wall decor to put above the tub. My mother used to sell Southern Living at Home and I have tons of it. I’m sure you will see lots of it in my pictures.


At this point, Brandon thought we had spent enough time on our room/bathroom and wanted to start on the rest of the house. So, we went to the kitchen next. We had boxes all down the back hallway and in the butler’s pantry and in the eat-in kitchen area. He wanted to tackle clearing all of that out. While he started on that, I started cleaning up the dirty dishes. The house didn’t come with any appliances, so sometimes the dishes just have to sit there. We will be getting all new kitchen appliances very soon. But, for the time being, I have to handwash dishes. BLAH! While I was doing that, Kristi and her mom arrived. We showed her the house and talked for a bit. Then, it was back to work. My in-laws, Jack and Marianne, were coming over later and bringing the kids home. So, I was trying to also get the house situated for them. Marianne was the only one left that had not seen the house yet. She is phenomenal at decorating. Absolutely talented! I would say that I’ve learned a lot from her over the years.

The fireplace mantel in the eat-in kitchen area needed some love. Kristi had given me a huge basket that I knew would be perfect over the fireplace. So, I had Brandon hang the basket then I gave him a fall wreath to put in the middle of it. Then, I was off to find other decorations to put on the mantel. Brandon and I have recently started collecting oil lamps and I thought a few on the mantel might look good. One other thing I like to collect are old glass jars. So, I found some old syrup bottles to put up there. The mantel still needed some more decorations so I kept digging in my kitchen boxes. I found some butcher block cheese boards and a tiny Charle’s Chips metal container that I had picked up at a yard zale for cheap, threw some fake apples and other fall decor up there and it looked perfect!

About that time, Jack and Marianne showed up. So, we stopped and showed Marianne the house. Then, they offered to stay and help with whatever we needed. I asked her to put my rooster dishes in the built-in cabinet in the dining room for me while I cleaned the kitchen cabinets so I could put my dishes in them. While she was displaying my rooster dishes, I brought her some antique kitchen tools, a scale, an oil lamp, and other knick knacks to throw in there. I think the finished product is beautiful!

While I was cleaning the kitchen cabinets, Brandon and Jack were taking out the old sink and faucet and replacing it. The old faucet had a slow drip and leak. Kristi and her husband, Kenny, had given us their old cast iron sink that we had planned on using in a greenhouse. But, seeing as how the greenhouse is a long way from now AND it was free, we decided to use it temporarily in the kitchen until we renovate the kitchen.



I had seen something on Pinterest where someone used to keep their dishwashing soap and rags and thought it was the cutest idea. So, I did it too!

The next thing I had Marianne tackle was my butler’s pantry. It needed some deep cleaning then needed to be prettified. I love to have parties and like I said earlier, my mom used to sell Southern Living at Home items, so I have quite a collection of serving dishes, etc. I’ve also been able to pick up quite a few cookbooks from yard sales. I could absolutely spend all day in my butler’s pantry now. It looks absolutely gorgeous!


Wait for it……

My in-laws stayed late and helped us get a lot of boxes unpacked. Saturday was a long day. Brandon and I went to bed about midnight that night.

August 23, 2015

Brandon and I woke up……..HA, just kidding, let me start that sentence over. Brandon and I were woken up by our kids and were asked to make breakfast. While Brandon was cooking, I was rearranging where I had put the food in the cabinets with where I had put the dishes in the cabinets. I had stuff EVERYWHERE! I was standing on the counters putting contact paper on the shelves so I could put stuff in the cabinets and feel a little bit better about the cleaniness of them. His mom called us after breakfast and asked if we needed some more help. Of course we need help! LOL We have so much stuff to do to and around the house.We will take any help that is given to us.

While we waited on help to arrive, I asked Brandon to shift the refrigerator down and bring this awesome table that he built (to house our aquarium….we used to have a turtle) into the kitchen (minus the aquarium) for added storage/use. I thought it looked perfect and just went crazy looking for decorations again.

Brandon’s brother, Bryan, also arrived with the in-laws. He cut the grass for us while his dad edged. Marianne stopped and bought us a baker’s rack to put on the other side of the butler’s pantry so we could store our appliances and other kitchen items. While she was doing that, I was finally able to place all my kitchen dishes/items in the cabinets. When I got done doing that, I decorated the top of the refrigerator.

Then, together we decorated the top of the kitchen cabinets with all my cool vintage knick knacks.

We hung my rooster dinner bell up on the column in the kitchen along with some graters that I’ve been collecting.

The final touch was flowers on my butcher block island.

This house is starting to feel like a home to me, well to all of us. The weekend was short but we got a lot done…..thanks to all the help we had. Brandon went to bed Sunday night with a shirt that read “Is it Friday yet?” I wish! So, we could keep on getting it done.

Until next time…….


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